Moazon, inc. is a company dedicated in providing products people want.
Our company is a collaboration of researchers, doctors, and professors from areas of software, microprocessor, automatic control, mechanics, and web design. We are intent on forming a new type of business where the ideas are not just from within the company but from every people from all walks of life. Working with them to develop and provide newer and better products for the world, this is our business thinking and in this way we are preparing to meet the new era.
  We believe this new era through the electronic industry and informed growth will become an era where if imagined anything could be possible, where people can make new possibilities, and where anyone can realize their real worth. Because we believe this new era is fast approaching we through this venture enterprise are applying useful solutions and intelligent microprocessors to come up with more useful and safer products, and do our best to continue.
  It is our companies hope to always use new and high quality parts to provide practical products for everyone.
        Working with the world for the world.Yours truly Seung-dong Rho
The President of Moazon .
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