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Added Features
  • The error in 'Go To' has been corrected. (Windows98 / 2K)
  • The little thing in 'Find Note' where the first occurrence of the word being found is not placed at the top line of the display window has been corrected. (Windows 2K)
  • When the notes were arranged to the left,right,bottom, or top of the screen, the titled and non titled minimized notes were all mixed up. This has been corrected, now they're grouped so non titled notes are lined up together and then titled notes are grouped together.
  • 'Save all note (Optimized)' has been corrected.
  • 'Save all note (Optimized)' has been moved from the main menu to
    the binder window.
  • The problem with the quick view has been fixed.(Windows 2K)
  • The problem with the scroll bar, not going back to the top of the document when another note is selected in the binder window, has been corrected. (Windows 2K)

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