DK Notes 2.12
  • You can wire us the money.
   $15  (USD) / User
  (822)  6247-4167
  • We have set up an account here for US dollars and now you can wire us the money. There will be a cost involved and so before you decide on such an action you should find out how much it costs and go from there. Of course the best method of payment would be through the credit card since we rely on a company that uses the best security available but if you really don't trust your credit card no. over the net well this may be an option. Again the cost to wire the cash over we be up to the sender so check it out at you bank before doing so because we won't be responsible for the service cost your bank charges.
  • In case you decide to do this here is the information you will need:
        Name  : Moazon
        Phone No. : 822-523-4164
        SWIFT BIC Code : KOEXKRSE (
    Korea Exchange Bank )
        Account No. : 108-JSD-100117-9
  • So after you have sent the money make sure to fill out the User Registration at our site in the Order site and let us know in the comment box that you have wired us the money.
    Thank you.

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