Mailmoa 4.0
Mailmoa 4.0
Added Features
  • Added : Unicode mail format support.
  • Added : RBL(Rial time spam black lists) SPAM Mail filtering support.
  • Removed web-based e-mail checking function.
  • Added : SPAM Mail automatic delete.
Mailmoa 3.8
Mailmoa 3.8
Added Features
  • Removed Cydoor ads window.
  • Added web-based e-mail checking function. (, Freechal, Empal, Okmail)
  • Corrected checking error in Hotmail,, Okmail,,, .
  • Added language as follows.
    (Thank you so much for mailmoa translation as ...)
    - Chinese GB (Sungho, Kang)
    - Chinese big5 (MJ)
    - Catalan (Chequebo)
    - Brazilian Portuguese (Milton C. de Almeida)
    - German (L.Gragert, privat.)
    - Spanish (Manuel Colmena)
    - French (Zoreille)
    - Italian (ancer63)
  • Enabled set priority at send mai.l
  • Supported HTML in writting mail.
  • Added request reply function in writting mail.
  • Added update checking function at mailmore started.

Installation Procedure.
  • 1. Download mailmore v3.8 and extract it.
  • 2. Run setup.exe(double-click setup.exe)
  • 3. Proceed as shown installer screen.

Mailmoa 3.02
 Mailmoa 3.02
Mailmoa 3.02
Added Features
  • Added ICQ mail reading function. (
  • Corrected Decoding errors at several HTML codes.
  • Corrected Sending function errors at several SMTP servers.
  • Removed "Checking Status Tracking" function at Notice Board.
Installation Procedure.
  • 1. Quite Mailmoa program.
  • 2. Download Updated file and extarct it to installed Mailmoa folder
    (Eg. c:\Program files\MAILMOA\ )
  • 3. Restart Mailmoa.

  • Note: You have to install Mailmoa v3.0 before install this patch file.
 Mailmoa 3.0

Mailmoa 3.0
Added Features

  • Web-based e-mail checking function.
    : Mailmoa supports some of Web-based email accounts, including,,,,,, (Korea), and (more Web-based e-mail accounts will be supported by Wise Update function.)
  • E-mail sending function.
    : Mailmoa supports E-mail sending function, including attachment and signature.
  • Spam filtering function.
    : Mailmoa supports multiple options for Spam filtering, including subject, sender, and message text.
  • Displaying the size of received mail and the existence of attached file.
    : Mailmoa shows the name of attached file and the size of received e-mail for all POP3 account.
  • Easy finding function for a new arrived e-mail.
    : Mailmoa can distinguish between old e-mail and new e-mail by different icon color.
  • Wise update function.
    : It will gives you the fastest way to update Mailmoa.
  • Selective auto-checking function.
    : With this function, You can easily pause auto-checking for a specified account in your checking list.
 Mailmoa 1.5

Mailmoa 1.5
Main Features

  • See the mail fast without opening it.
    : With the quick view function you can see the contents of the mail without opening some slow to start program. With Mailmoa all you have to do is place the pointer over the mail entry in the Mailbox and the contents are displayed in a quick view box. You can also right click on the entry and select 'View with DK Notes' and the mail will be imported to a DK Notes memo.
  • You can remove unwanted mails without download.
  • Enter and Check as many e-mail accounts as you want.
    : It doesn't matter how many e-mail accounts you enter, Mailmoa can look out for mail from all of them.
  • The Notice Board is for checking mail.
    : The Notice Board is your personal mailbox in your computer. When you open it there will be a list of the e-mail you have received. With the Notice-Board check to see all the mail received for all the different accounts and quickly see the content with the quick view.
  • Protect outflow of your privacy.
    : With your own password, you can protect outflow of your mail content at the Notice Board
  • Mailmoa Notice Board pops up with sound for new mail.
    : When new mail arrives Mailmoa's Notice Board (view window) pops up on your screen and lets out a sound to alert you to incoming mail. With Mailmoa you don't have to miss an expected mail again. You can set your mail client easily.
  • You can choose whatever time period you would like between mail checks.
  • In the Task bar tray at the right hand bottom corner there is an Icon showing the present status of the program.

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