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How do i delete unwanted mail on the Notice Board?
step 1: Place the mouse pointer over the unwanted mail in the Notice Board.
step 2: Click left mouse button
step 3: Push the "Delete" key on your keyboard or select "Mail Delete" after click right mouse             button.

Notice: This operation do not finish until the "Check mail" or "Automatic mail check" function is working again.
Already being read, Why Mailmoa inform me continuously ?
Maybe you will use the some mail client program like MS outlook express.
there is a option that you can delete the mail you read from your mail server. maybe you omit this option, ("leave on server" is marked in the email client program) In that case, of course there remains the mail in the mail server even if you read, and Mailmoa inform you of that.
if above answer is not applicable to your situation, Please see the Mailmoa's option that "Keep the contents of mails though the mail was removed on server" at "Check New Mail" tab in "Settings" menu. If you would like to solve this problem, Please Don't check this option then the mail will be delete.
What is the pop3 ?
POP3 (Post Office Protocol) is protocol for the purpose of interchange emails.

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