Mailmoa v4.0 released
-Added : Unicode mail format support.
-Added : RBL(Rial time spam black lists) SPAM Mail filtering support.
-Removed web-based e-mail checking function.
-Added : SPAM Mail automatic delete.

Mailmoa v3.8 released
-Removed Cydoor ads window.
-Added web-based e-mail checking function. (, Freechal, Empal, Okmail)

-Corrected checking error in Hotmail,, Okmail,,, .

-Added language as follows.
  (Thank you so much for mailmoa translation as ...)
  Chinese GB (Sungho, Kang)
  Chinese big5 (MJ)
  Catalan (Chequebo)
  Brazilian Portuguese (Milton C. de Almeida)
  German (L.Gragert, privat.)
  Spanish (Manuel Colmena)
  French (Zoreille)
  Italian (ancer63)
- Enabled set priority at send mai.l
- Supported HTML in writting mail.

- Added request reply function in writting mail.

- Added update checking function at mailmore started.

Mailmoa v3.02 released (Several bugs corrected version)
Added ICQ mail reading function. (
Corrected Decoding errors at several HTML codes.
Corrected Sending function errors at several SMTP servers.
Removed "Checking Status Tracking" function at Notice Board.

Mailmoa v3.0 released (Freeware)
Mailmoa is a system tray based e-mail notification utility that supports unlimited accounts (both POP3 and some popular Web-based accounts, including,,,,,,, and shows all the mail content for all the different accounts fast without mouse clicking(Quick View function).Mailmoa supports SPAM filtering function.It uses a preprogrammed set of filters, as well as spammers' e-mail addresses that you add to a database. with Mailmoa, you can handle your e-mail account with easy, in addition, you can remove unwanted e-mail without downloading in your mail client.It will gives you safe way to handle your e-mail from virus infected e-mail.Mailmoa shows the size of each e-mail, the existence of attachment for all POP3 accounts. You can protect your e-mail from unauthorized viewing with your own password. When new mail arrives, Mailmoa's Notice Board(view window) pops up on your screen and lets out a sound with flashing the tray icon to alert you to incoming mail. You can choose whatever time period you would like between mail checks and Launch your mail client easily. Mailmoa supports ASCII, HTML, MIME Decode(Base64, Quoted-Printable..), User oriented operation for mouse functions in the system tray, Sending function, Address book function, Easy to use interface and more.

Mailmoa v4.0 (Freeware)

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